Estate planning is the process of arranging for what will happen to your property when you die. (Whatever you own at your death is called your estate.) It can also include:

  • Making arrangements for the care of your young children in the event of your death
  • Planning for your own care and the care of your property in case someday you can’t make decisions on your own
  • Taking steps so that your inheritors can avoid probate court proceedings after your death, and
  • If you own a very large amount of property, planning to avoid federal or state estate tax.

We can help you with all of these issues, and a few others as well. Accredited Legal Assistance can explain legal documents, so you can see what they accomplish and decide whether or not they fit your situation.

Most people avoid the subject of death

Some are especially uncomfortable thinking about their own mortality. You, too, may be tempted to leave the details of your final arrangements to those who survive you. But there are two good reasons not to do this: care and cost.

Nobodies Future is Guaranteed!