advanSR Uses Time-Tested Methods to Help Your Students Succeed

Increase Attendance, Extracurricular Activities and Parental Engagement

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“I believe you have actually hit upon something that is becoming a need in education.”

-James L., School Principal

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Key Benefits


advanSR increases attendance


advanSR engages parents in the student’s education


advanSR reduces teachers’ workloads

“This app is awesome! The game aspect and rewards are really what kids like.”
-Chris R., School Teacher

Positive Reinforcement

Its worked since grandma gave you candy, the princess kissed the frog, your dog licked your face

Students are rewarded for:

  • Daily attendance
  • Participating in extracurricular activities and volunteering

Parents are rewarded for:

  • Participating in their child’s educational process

Teachers are rewarded for:

  • Their classes overall participation with advanSR
I’m in! This is important work!

-Jona G., School Principal



advanSR leverages “gamification” to inspire students to actively participate.

Free to Use

There’s no cost to students or parents (nor in-app purchases) and no fundraising is required.


The app facilitates improvement in three areas: attendance, extracurricular activities, and parental engagement.


We’ve made incorporating advanSR into your school’s work flow effortless for administrators and teachers.


Local businesses support your school by providing rewards, and are highlighted in the app as sponsors.


advanSR is COPA compliant. No identifying student information is stored on our servers. Ever!

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Gamification and Positive Reinforcement Keeps Students and Parents Engaged
“Only when your brain starts expecting the reward—craving the endorphins or sense of accomplishment—will it (your new habit) become automatic.”
-Changing Habits – A study by the University of North Carolina

Find Out More!

Enter to win a chance to win a $25 gift card for school supplies or…