Other Commercial Offerings

Contractor’s Equipment – This form is designed to cover all types of equipment and is generally written as all risk coverage. The form is most often used by road construction and maintenance contractors, road districts and artisan contractors.

Cargo – Both the basic cargo coverage and motor truck cargo coverage forms. Coverage can be written on an all risk or specified cause of loss basis. If the carrier is responsible for insurance and is legally liable, these coverages provide the cargo protection many clients require. Coverage can be tailored to meet specific needs.

Transportation Insurance – Also known as “shippers interest coverage,” this form insures the interest of the shipper for either incoming or outgoing shipments while in the custody of a common rail, air or motor carrier.

Electronic Equipment – This policy covers both owned and non-owned data processing equipment and software. Extended coverage is available to protect business income, office personal property coverage, and voice communication systems.

Installation Floaters – This form covers the interest of an owner, seller or contractor against loss or damage to machinery, equipment, building materials or supplies being used with and during the course of installation, testing, building, renovating or repairing.

Builders Risk – This specialized coverage is designed to fill the gaps in traditional property forms and provide coverage for property exposures associated with construction projects.