Below is a list of guiding principles and beliefs that help guide our decisions and growth, including our mission, philosophies, and spiritual practices

Awaken the Human Spirit

Our Mission


Our mission is to aid the evolution of each guest offering a peaceful and tranquil environment for meditation, self discovery, and movement. Through each event there will be opportunities to connect with yourself through sessions that connect you with nature, animals, and other human beings. 



The power of the human spirit is something that Divine Yoga Properties works to awaken. We assist people as they work toward leading balanced, individually fulfilling lives. We promote holistic ideals that act as a catalyst for societal change via instruction, exercise, reflection, and loving-kindness. In order to revitalize the body, pique the intellect, stir the emotions, and restore the soul, Divine Yoga Properties has been designated as a holy space for spiritual practice.


Open the heart and mind

The Divine Yoga Properties Retreat is a very dynamic setting that offers practical instruction in the performing arts. People from all over the world are welcome to come here to develop toward completeness in their lives while being surrounded by the splendor of the earth’s natural beauty. Through the humane treatment of all beings and the promotion of knowledge and peace in a celebration of the human spirit, we are committed to cultivating a profound understanding and appreciation of life.


A center for spiritual practice

Divine Yoga Properties is a retreat for the development of human awareness and well-being in addition to being a destination for vacation and adventure. Our goal is to offer ways to enrich, enlarge, and inspire the experience that is happening right now.



Being human, including the human heart, the human experience, and the untapped potential that is inside each of us, is what Divine Yoga Properties is all about. It serves as a center for spiritual practice that aims to revitalize the body, mind, emotions, and soul. The Present Moment Retreat will prove to be an amazing, illuminating experience, regardless of whether you come to relax and replenish, start your spiritual journey, learn more about your body, or continue your progress on a well-trodden route.

Tracy Clune

Meet the Founder

Hello, I am Tracy Clune, Founder & creator of Divine yoga properties. We specialize in hosting holistic retreats & spiritual events, along with helping the community open their hearts & minds to yogi lifestyle. Studying yoga & the different levels of what it offers, has brought me to the purpose of sharing these practices with others to help bring balance to life. I have found yoga to be one of the most grounding and centering parts of my day. During the darkest parts of my life, yoga & meditation have helped me gain perspective and clarity. Through this company and community of holistic leaders, we plan to bring that spiritual awareness to those who seek these meaningful moments in their own lives. I would like to invite you to come and experience divine yoga properties.