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Aircraft Outfitting for Business Jets

Looking for a team to come customize your Business jet? We offer assistance with outfitting your new fleet from linen, dinnerware, bedding and more!

Business Aviation Consultant/ Trainer

New to the game and looking to build your InFlight department with exceptional Flight Attendants? We offer assistance with InFlight Training or Refresher courses for existing flight attendants. We also offer our “Flight Attendant Quick Prep Course” that is guaranteed to provide the fundamentals of the job!

Business Aviation InFlight Crew Staffing

Are you a Private Aviation owner looking for above and beyond Flight Attendants you can rely on? We have highly qualified flight attendants worldwide that can be of assistance for permanent or contract work in your area!

Certified CPR/ AED/ First Aid Instructor

We offer CPR/AED/ First Aide training certified and accredited by the American Heart Association. Our goal is to teach these life saving skills until each person is confident. The information for each class is presented in a way that is easy to understand and remember. We believe in offering outstanding customer service, integrity and value.

Flight Attendant Standard Operating Procedures Creation

Does your InFlight Department need a customized SOP, Standard Operating Procedures Manual? We are more than ready to take on this task for your