Tasha Funes, Founder

Tasha Funes started her aviation journey in 2008 working as a commercial flight attendant for the main line companies. She used her flexible and witty personality to elevate her career quickly working as a Lead Flight Attendant for International travels. She gained the knowledge of the commercial industry and used this as she transitioned into the world of charter aviation, government aviation and later private aviation. Her understanding need for executives and clients is what has made her flight attendant style a much needed asset to several multibillion companies and has her continuously in demand.


She has learned all the fundamentals required for the aviation world and now wants to expand on just that. Her strong influence on helping aspiring flight attendants is what lead her to creating Exclusive InFlight. In addition to being a Business Aviation consultant, she also assists with seminars and personal development for those looking to start in the Aviation industry or transition from Commercial Aviation to Private Aviation.


This coaching course was developed by Tasha Funes, a Certified Aviation Professional, Corporate Flight Attendant and Woman in Aviation Speaker. Her experience comes from working as an Aviation Consultant, Trainer, and InFlight Crew Staffing for flight attendants worldwide. She is quite familiar of the rules of safety and how it plays a huge part in becoming a Flight Attendant.


She is committed to helping those that aspire to live out their dreams of being a Flight Attendant!