Proven accuracy.
Minimum invasiveness.

ExEm® Foam is the only FDA-approved contrast agent for use with Trans Vaginal Ultrasound (TVUS), which can be performed in the privacy and comfort of the gynecologist’s office.

Studies suggest that, with proper imaging technique, hysterosalpingo-foam sonography (HyFoSy) with ExEm® Foam does not significantly differ from laparoscopy with dye and has the ability to achieve significantly higher accuracy than hysterosalpingo-contrast sonography with air/saline, making it an attractive new alternative for tubal patency assessment and diagnosis in women with known or suspected infertility.1,2

Easier for Patients

Less discomfort,3 appointments, and stress.

Less invasive

ExEm® Foam enables an accurate diagnostic procedure without iodine, X-ray or laparoscopic surgery

More convenient

The ultrasound-based procedure can be performed in the gynecologist’s office

Used successfully

ExEm® Foam has been successfully used in over 500,000 procedures worldwide

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Easier for Doctors

Safe, streamlined, effective

FDA approved

ExEm® Foam is the only contrast agent for ultrasound tubal patency diagnostic testing in women with known or suspected infertility that has been approved by the FDA

Fewer visits

Enables intake, procedure, and outcome during the same consultation

Good visibility

Get a distinctive echogenic image in 2D/3D with or without Doppler enhancement

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More knowledge.
More empowerment.

Tubal disease is a leading cause of infertility. However, an inaccurate fallopian tube evaluation can lead to unnecessary procedures — such as tubal reconstructive surgery or in vitro fertilization — when other methods of conception are possible. For patients with known or suspected infertility, ExEm® Foam can help quickly, safely, and accurately give the answers needed, at the start of the fertility journey.

How ExEm® Foam works is simple: if the fallopian tubes are patent — or open — the foam will appear as a thin, bright white line, when visualized with ultrasound by your healthcare provider. If the white line does not appear, the tubes might be occluded — or blocked.

After the procedure, the results can immediately be discussed with your physician in more detail and used to help plan the next steps in your fertility journey.

Here’s what patients and doctors say

Over a half-million patients around the world have experienced a tubal patency procedure with ExEm® Foam. Here is some of their feedback.


“Trying to conceive brings enough insecurities. Having the doctor explain the test results and discuss the next step in my fertility journey straight away, gave me clarity and reduced anxiety”.


“The Foam Procedure is a great alternative for X-ray HSG that allows us to be more hands on with our patients in the clinic without having to refer them to radiology, helping us to give a more personal treatment plan to patients and their families”.


“Having the doctor explain the results and how that will affect my fertility journey in real time, gave me peace of mind and hope for next steps”.

Explore the benefits of ExEm® Foam

The fertility journey doesn’t have to be more complicated than needed. ExEm® Foam provides a new solution for healthcare professionals to offer a more patient-friendly tubal patency assessment for women with known or suspected infertility. Explore the benefits for patients and healthcare professionals.

Healthcare Professionals

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ExEm® Foam, the only FDA-approved contrast agent for ultrasound tubal patency testing, now available in the U.S.

NASHVILLE, TN –(BUSINESS WIRE)– New diagnostic is less invasive and more convenient compared to standard of care ExEm® Foam Inc announced today that ExEm® [...]

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