Our Mission.

Its here, a Dante Trudel/Dusty Hanshaw joint project. There has been grave injustice going on in the bodybuilding/physique world….mainly for years people are being fed a bunch of misinformation and bullshit (hey lets not mince words)…misinformation that is leading people to make bad choices on all fronts.

There are various reasons these “Johnny come lately’s” have entered the bodybuilding genre and are feeding out all this bad advice is:

1) they are trying to develop a secular niche for themselves
2) they are trying desperately to make money off of the naive and eagerly deceived
3) they use so many drugs that they convince themselves they are doing the right things when the truth is their drug use is providing the answers (which is writing checks their health cannot cash)

Alright, that it is! ENOUGH!!! Its time to get back to common sense, with health, and safety in mind. Our mission statement with this site is to get back to brass tacks in showing what actually builds muscle mass and what is useless fluff.

TRAINING, DIET, SUPPLEMENTS, DRUGS, SCIENCE, THEORIES….its all going to be talked about and presented to the viewer/reader in spades.

Welcome to Hard2core, lets get back to sanity shall we? Lets get back to putting on muscle mass at the fastest rate possible. From point A to point B at a high rate of speed, its not that difficult if you throw away all the utter nonsense that isn’t needed and bomb away on what is so very necessary. Some of you will fall to the wayside, not everyone has the mindset in them to apply what is going to be shown….so be it. It is what it is. Enter at your own risk.