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Keep Empowering Youth Achievements

Keep Empowering Youth Achievements is known for finding and fostering diamonds in the rough. No matter what background or experience your child may have, he/she will have a place at KEYA. We offer instruction in the following disciplines:


(Hip Hop/Jazz – Ballet/Modern – Tap – African – Jumps/Leaps & Turns- Technique) 

Musical Theater/Acting


African Drum

When you become a part of our family, you can always count on us to inspire, encourage, and empower your child to reach their fullest potential. K.E.YA offers amazing performance opportunities from the annual crowd-pleasing production to a chance to be a member of our award winning competitive dance team. One of K.E.Y.A’s many goals year to year is to see the growth in your child, no matter what their starting point.

Featured Programs

Welcome to Keep Empowering Youth Achievements all K.E.Y.A/Groups are separated by age and skill level. Find your child’s age and visit there page to see what’s offered.