Reservation & Permitted Use Guidelines

Pavilion Reservation:

  • Groups of 10 or more Require a Reservation.
  • 25 persons Maximum Occupancy.
  • Requests and Approval through Temecula Valley Rose Society designee.
  • Donation amount is suggested based on time and use.
  • Permitted Use:
    • Social Gatherings.
    • Club/Business Meetings.
    • Music Recitals and Private Music Performances.
  • Permitted use hours are dawn to dusk only.

Garden Tours:

  • Requests for Tours are granted and arranged based on availability of Rose Society tour docents.
  • Tour Group size of 20 or less.
  • Donation amount is suggested based on group size.

Professional Photographers:

  • Permission to perform Professional Photography for hire is required.
  • Annual Passes are available here for a fee.

Wedding Ceremonies & Receptions:

  • Applications are required for a wedding ceremony at Rose Haven Garden
  • There are set fees for wedding ceremonies and receptions.

Parking, Excessive Noise & Garden Neighbors:

  • Parking is limited and carpooling is suggested.
  • Parking is allowed on Rose Haven Heritage Garden property only.
  • Parking is not allowed on the residential side of Cabrillo Street.
  • No excessive noise in consideration of Garden Neighbors.

It is understood and agreed that the permitted use of the Garden or any part thereof is based on strict adherence to Rose Haven Heritage Garden Rules posted and provided to any group requesting and being granted such use. Any variance of these guidelines must be presented and approved prior to use.

For further information contact:
Nancy Fitness: (602) 615‑1246
Kathy Trudeau: (602) 391‑5161

Request a Reservation

Complete the form below to make a garden reservation. You can make a donation after your reservation is approved.  Thanks!