SFM Constructors has experience in various phases of cell tower, rooftop and stealth site construction from site acquisition, design, permitting, pre bid site walks, site development and turnkey construction. In pre bid, we will document site conditions and evaluate desired construction methods. We work with engineers to build to their specifications while adhering to
the customer’s requirements.

  • Monopole
  • Rooftop
  • Stealth
  • Water Tank
  • Flag Pole
  • Signage
  • Artificial Tree
  • Power Pole Monitoring
  • Decorative Custom Design
  • Bunkered

Special Historical Landmark Project

We will review easement, environmental and site acquisition issues. Additionally, we will ensure compliance with applicable UBC and utility company construction requirements. Utility Coordination: services include site inspection, location of power and Telco source points of connection. Coordination of service installations with utility companies. Management of applications for services.

Among our completed telecommunication projects is Project Management for The Beverly Hills Hotel (a registered historical landmark) cellular installation for Sprint PCS. This was a large and elaborate installation that required careful coordination with the architect, historical committee, wireless engineers, general contractor and city inspectors. The project required spanning eight levels of the building with conduit while crossing the length of the structure twice. SFM made recommendations for alternate conduit routes and GPS locations that reduced both the cost and time of the project. With careful study of the building the GPS route was reduced from 1,200 feet to 230 feet, thus increasing its performance while decreasing the cost of construction. Other recommendations made by SFM similarly reduced cost and time of construction.

The project required careful coordination with hotel management to complete the project with minimal impact to celebrity and VIP hotel guests.