SFM Constructors is a trusted source for service and repair of fire suppression systems. With both a C10 Electrical and C16 Fire Sprinkler State Contractors License, we can provide regularly scheduled testing and servicing of your fire protection system to help you maintain its integrity while, more importantly, protecting people, facilities and property.

Preventative maintenance and inspections of your fire suppression systems will offer you peace of mind and keep you in compliance with local codes.

Our qualified technicians can provide regularly scheduled inspection, maintenance and repair services on:

  • Dry-Pipe Fire Sprinkler Systems
  • Backflow Devices
  • Emergency Lighting
  • Fire Pumps
  • Fire Sprinkler Systems
  • Kitchen Hood Systems
  • Design Services are also Available
Fire Supression


Air Products – Gas Compressor Overhauls

Airco Gas – Compressor Overhauls

Western Fuel Oil – 3-Year Multi-Trade Maintenance Contract

Mobil Oil – 3-Year Multi-Trade Maintenance Contract

Stewart & Stevenson – Gas Compressor Overhaul

GATX – Dock Oil Transfer Pump Overhaul

Alcoa – Positive Displacement Extrusion Pump Overhaul

Anchor Glass – Air Compressor Overhauls

Pacific Refining – Vapor Recovery Flare Construction

Coastal Corp – Waste Water Treatment Facility Construction

Weslock – Air Compressor Overhauls

City of San Diego – Install Blowers

County of Orange – Install Pumps

UCI – Replace Cooling Tower Gear Reduction Units

Fletcher – Petroleum Overhaul and Rerate Gas Compressor

Chevron Oil – Overhaul Steam Turbines

Mobil Oil – Overhaul Steam Turbines

McDonnell Douglas – Overhaul Air Compressors

TRW – Replace Boiler Feed Pumps

Rim of the World School District – Install Deep Well Pump

UCSD – Replace HP High Temp Steam Piping & Pumps

Northrop Aircraft – Overhaul Air Compressors