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Instructions for Use

Thank you for purchasing Simplkomb! Please follow these instructions closely for the best results!

  1. Unbox and separate flat cassettes from each other carefully.

  2. Fold lids backward and snap firmly in place leaving the cups open for the bees to access.

  3. Guide the tabs of the cover into the bottom groove of your medium frame. The molded bar goes toward the bottom to close the gap around the more narrow bottom frame bar.

  4. Push top of cassette into frame until the tabs snap into the groove on the top frame bar.

  5. Repeat with another cassette on the other side of the frame ensuring there are no large gaps the bees can get inside between the frame and the Simplkomb cassettes. Cup Hinge Molded Bar Lid Tabs Simplkomb Instructions for use Molded Bar

  6. Wax each of the 8 cups by brushing on wax or scrubbing a small cube of wax heated in a pan. Neatness counts! Completely cover all of the hexagonal pattern at the bottom of the cup all the way to the edges. The better job you do here the nicer your comb honey will appear when it is capped. Don’t worry, this is the last real work you will ever do making comb honey! You can use beeswax from any source but we do recommend using your own wax to maximize acceptance by your home bees!

  7. Now you are ready to install your frames into your honey super boxes. If you are using the trial pack and just have 3 frames you can place them in the middle of your honey super then “book end” them on both sides with frames of fully drawn comb. This will help manage the bee space between frames and cue the bees to stop at the right height and cap the honey.

  8. If you are using the Sample pack you can pack all 10 Simplkomb frames in one box or you may checkerboard 5 Simplkomb frames per box by alternating with frames of fully drawn comb. Important: Push the frames all the way to one side againstthe box. If there is a gap on the opposite side consider installing a follower board against the end frame. This will prevent overfilling of the edge frames.
  9. Important: make sure Simplkomb frames are packed tightly together, this will help reduce the burr comb your bees will make and your filled packages will be capped at the right height so that the covers will close neatly. 3 Frames 10 Frames 5 Frames checkerboarded with fully drawn comb Scan this code to Re-order more Simplkomb or watch instructional videos on our website!

Helpful Tips

Install your Simplkomb super only on very strong colonies during a nectar flow

Check on it often. Your bees should start drawing out comb after a few days This is what they will look like as they are being drawn out.

Simplkomb frames will fill up in about 2/3 the time it takes frames using foundation only.

When your bees start capping it is important to check them daily to prevent burr comb from forming on the edges and between packages.

When your Simplkomb cups are full and capped, simply remove them from your hive, brush off the bees or use a bee escape to clear the entire super.

Away from your bee yard, gently remove Simplkomb cassettes from the frames. Your hive tool is useful for prying them out. Be careful, they will be heavy when loaded.

Once removed, you can rotate the lids to cover the comb honey and snap in place.

We recommend freezing your comb honey for 48 hours to kill any wax moth larvae that may be in them. When your cassettes are fully frozen you will be able to snap them apart neatly at the perforations to make 4 cups filled with approximately 6.5 ounces of pure comb honey untouched by human hands.

A ribbon label wrapped around the belly of the package will help ensure your product stays sealed when on display. You may add your own apiary product labels on the lid as needed.

Thank you for trying SIMPLKOMB! We hope you find it saves you lots of time and labor. Please help us grow by telling your friends and sharing your success. Send us your best SIMPLKOMB photos! Each month best photo submission will be selected for use in our promotional materials. email