Join us for a fast-paced hour working towards that solid gymnast body. Gymnastics skills mixed with the significant functional strength conditioning needed specifically for adults to do gymnastics safely. Teens also welcome (ages 16+). Events: floor, bars, vault, beam, rings, trampoline. Climbing rope, stall bars, Tumbl Trak & state-of-the-art conditioning equipment included. CrossFit fans love this class for the gymnastics skills like handstands, kips, and standing back tucks.

Skills include: handstands, handstand walks, muscle ups, standing back tucks, cartwheels, back extension rolls, headstands, presses, round offs, swings and pullovers. Your special requests welcome. Stretches, flexibility, balance, agility, coordination, body position/alignment and strength conditioning also emphasized. Adults receive a superior warm-up to aid in gymnastics safety.

Coach Lucia Lake (that’s her in the picture) is a talented coach for beginners through competitive gymnasts. Lucia started her own gymnastics career at age two and began competing at age six, eventually going on to train Level 10 and compete for the Division I Program at the University of California, Santa Barbara. Lucia’s coaching career began in 2001 in Menlo Park. Since then she has coached in Santa Barbara and Novato, California.  Lucia earned her USA Gymnastics Judges certification in December 2014. She has also completed the USA Gymnastics Women’s 2013-2021 Junior Olympic (J.O.) Compulsory Master Workshop Coach Training.  Lucia enjoys working with students of all ages, levels and abilities. When Lucia isn’t in the gym, you will likely find her running on the trails around town, traveling abroad, walking dogs for the Truckee Humane Society, or enjoying quality time with her husband, George, and her son, Shai.  Lucia’s coached for Truckee Gymnastics since 2011.

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***SPECIAL INTRO!  Registration fee waived through Nov 2016 ($40 value).  $20/class pd. monthly. Come check it out with amazing Coach Lucia!

NOTE: Adult class is taking a break for the holidays. Stay tuned for upcoming classes. Let us know what day/time you’d like! Teens welcome to the Tramp & Tumbling class, see schedule for details.