Your first meeting with us is complimentary. We use this initial time to get acquainted with you, including your family and your personal ambitions. We also want to know who you are as an investor, what concerns you have, and what expectations you hold for the future.

Our first meeting is also a good opportunity for you to become acquainted with us. We will share with you what to expect from working with an investment advisor, how our fee-based platform works, how independent research benefits you, and why the fiduciary standard we follow matters so much in the investment management process.

Just as you scrutinize the advisors you’re considering for a professional relationship, we believe it’s important for us to scrutinize the clients we choose to work with.

Not every client will share our point of view. Some may simply be looking for a firm to oversee their accounts or make trades on their behalf. We prefer to invest our time and resources with clients who seek more personalized care for their financial needs and a hands-on approach to investment management.

Share A Common World View

Early in the client profiling process, we share our financial planning and investment management philosophy and seek a common ground of understanding before we go further.

Make a retirement projection

Using the insights we gather from your client profile, we seek to measure how much you will need in retirement to cover to planned expenses and achieve your desired standard of living.

Test the probability of success

Before we expose your financial plan to the market, we test it under different scenarios to evaluate performance in random market environments.

Through our investment management process, we create a roadmap you can follow as you seek your financial goals, whether those goals are for retirement security, funding higher education needs for children, or creating a charitable legacy.

Discovery: Our initial face-to-face meetings help us personalize your roadmap around where you see your future taking you and your family.

Portfolio design: We outline the specific investments that strive to help you along the way as well as different directions we can take if circumstances change.

Implementation: Once we both review and agree upon the roadmap, we start the journey by putting your investments in your plan to work.

Monitoring & rebalancing: Short-term changes in the market won’t distract from the journey, but we do make regular adjustments carefully to help keep you on course.

Ongoing guidance: You will also never feel lost along the way, thanks to regular communication and reporting that will help you see your progress.