LPL Financial

LPL Financial is one of the leading financial services companies and the largest independent broker/dealer in the nation*. For more than four decades, the firm has served as an enabling partner, supporting financial advisors in their goals of protecting and growing their clients’ wealth. A chief objective of LPL Financial is to reduce the complexity of running a financial services practice so advisors can focus on what they do best – help their clients attain their financial goals and fulfill their dreams.

With headquarters on both coasts, LPL Financial supports financial advisors in helping their clients by offering a robust mix of services and tools such as:

  • Enabling technology
  • Comprehensive clearing and compliance services
  • Practice management programs and training
  • Independent research

LPL Financial understands that providing Americans with unbiased investment advice is critical to their financial security. Because the firm has no proprietary products to sell, LPL Financial advisors can provide truly unbiased, conflict-free advice and investment recommendations.

The firm’s mission is clear

We believe that objective financial guidance is a fundamental need for everyone. We enable our customers to focus on what they do best—create the personal, long-term client relationships that are the foundation for turning life’s aspirations into financial realities.

Thousands of financial advisors nationwide rely on LPL Financial to help meet their clients’ financial needs. They do so by using the firm’s tools and resources that help them discover their clients’ priorities, dreams, and passions; analyze and develop financial plans that support every stage of their clients’ lives; and make product recommendations that put clients on the path to pursuing their goals.

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* As reported in Financial Planning magazine 1996-2015, based on total revenue.

Our Logo

We chose the Torrey pine for our logo because it symbolizes endurance, perseverance, and the value of a strong foundation—the same qualities we strive to deliver to our investment advisory clients.

The Torrey pine is the rarest native pine in North America, growing only along a small stretch of San Diego coastline. The Torrey pine has an elaborate root system that has allowed it to survive centuries of drought, ocean salt, coastal winds, harsh cliffs, and even the occasional ice age.

A 40-foot Torrey pine can have a 200-foot network of roots. These roots can navigate tiny cracks in bedrock to find the nutrients it needs to flourish and the footing to remain steadfast under extreme weather conditions.

We see many similarities between the Torrey pine and successful investors. Both can sustain long-term growth by remaining grounded under challenging conditions. And an extensive support system helps investors and the Torrey pine establish strong roots to thrive in any environment.

As investment advisors, we are here as your support system in the life-long journey towards achieving both personal and financial objectives.