Create a more comfortable and efficient work environment

Transparent Window Films understands the challenges that building managers face today as they try to incorporate cost-efficient ways to improve day-to-day operations. While replacing windows is a complex and expensive solution, commercial window film is a practical and cost-effective option.

Comfort Year Round – Solar control window film can reject up to 78% of the sun’s solar heat that transfers through glass windows. Applying window film to the interior of glass can correct the temperature imbalances that often occur inside a building. This solution creates a more comfortable work environment, especially in areas adjacent to windows Commercial Window Film

Cut Annoying Glare – Both direct and indirect sunlight are not only bothersome, but also tiring and harmful to the eyes. Transparent Window Films can make daily work tasks easier for your occupants when we install glass coatings that significantly reduce annoying glare.

Protect Your Building’s Interior and Occupants – The sun’s heat, light and UV rays significantly reduce the life of flooring, draperies and other furnishings, but you can protect your investments from fading by installing window film. In addition, dangerous UV rays can post a potential health risk to building occupants. Because it blocks the most harmful UVA and UVB radiation, window film is like a ‘sunscreen’ for you and your home.

Save Energy – By reducing solar heat from entering your building’s glass windows, you will significantly reduce air conditioning costs and increase HVAC efficiency.


1.) Window Film is not safe for dual pane glass. False.

Window Film is safe for dual pane glass and our manufacturer’s warranty supports this.

2.) Window Film is ugly. False.

The newer generation of window film does not turn purple or bubbles. It offers superb optical clarity and in many cases improves the appearance of homes and buildings.

3.) Window Film is hard to clean. False.

Most commercial, non-abraisive window cleaners are completely safe to use on glass with window film.

Warranty: Transparent Window Films includes a manufacturer’s lifetime warranty with the purchase and installation of window film at your home or building.

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