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Aerofoam Industries is a leading aerospace manufacturing firm with a focus on consumer comfort. Our developed process maximizes efficiency, aesthetics, and perceived value while minimizing weight, cost, and lead-time. Looking for a complex, or simply comfortable aircraft seating solution? Contact us today.

Revolutionary Comfort Starts Here

Design and development are integral to the way we do business. We understand the push for comfort, and provide genuine SOLUTIONS that are engineered to fit any aerospace seating application. Allow your customers to feel the same way thousands have felt flying with Aerofoam products.

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Aerospace-grade foams and cushions

Aircraft have long been synonymous with innovation and inspiration. Aerofoam’s number one priority when building a seat is comfort. In order to make a passenger as comfortable as possible an equal amount of effort must be put into the seat as the airframe and avionics. Whether you’re a business traveller flying transatlantic or a family going across the U.S. your comfort is our priority.

Our products are always carrying the most precious cargo, you.

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Premium aircraft seat covers

We all come in different shapes and sizes and so do seats, why should we restrict your choice to a one size fits all?

The Lifecycle of our seat cover starts with a pencil and a designer’s sketchpad. From our first meeting with you, we sketch out our ideas based on your feedback and concepts. The sketch is then drawn and rendered in 3d utilizing Computer Aided Design software to map out the detail of the seat cover. At an early stage our advanced simulation will determine stress points and curves to eliminate costly reworks that could materialize later in the process. Our 3d renders are customizable to allow pinpoint definition of stitch length, stitch type and positioning within the seat cover. Technical packs are then distributed to our manufacturing team containing drawings and workflows that define the makeup of the seat cover with a level of detail not seen before in the aircraft interiors seat cover industry.

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Aircraft interior plastics

The vast majority of Aerofoam plastic components are completed using thermoforming. Thermoforming is a manufacturing process utilizing heated plastic sheets with a vacuum press. Aerofoam currently has six thermoformers dedicated to food-trays and small components, and two large 3 stage thermoformers for backshell and backrest forming. As well as thermoforming, Aerofoam plastic production capabilities include milling high-tolerance plastic components and pressure forming.

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