Every Great Seat Cushion Begins with Comfort

Aerofoam has revolutionized comfortable aircraft seating by introducing graphite-filled foams to commercial aviation. Years of research and development have been poured into these materials to ensure they are comfortable, safe, and practical enough to fly.

Comfort is king at Aerofoam and this technology delivers. The high-resilient nature of graphite allows for a denser cushion built at lighter weight. Utilizing graphite-filled foams, Aerofoam builds extremely comfortable cushions that can decrease an aircraft’s typical fuel consumption.

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Revolutionary comfort

Graphite’s increased thermal capacity transforms our foams to be inherently flame retardant. These foams can be used with or without fire-blocking fabric and still pass FAA/EASA testing requirements, including CS 25.853.

Revolutionary comfort begins here. Give your passengers a safer and more comfortable aircraft cushion without sacrificing savings. Choose Aerofoam Industries!