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Wrinkle-Free laminated dress covers are an Aerofoam specialty. Our master pattern makers coupled with high-end industrial lamination equipment ensure a perfect fit every time. A laminated dress cover is an aircraft seat cover where there an additional layer of foam is bonded to the cover material. Aerofoam’s system is advanced and lean, taking inspiration from the automotive seat manufacturers already using the technology.

Laminated seat covers

Laminated seat covers started predominantly with the automotive industry and has slowly spread into commercial aviation. Airlines and passengers are demanding more comfortable seats with enhanced aesthetics. As customer expectations rise the demand for an exceptional fit and finish grows. This style of lamination allows for the highest degree of quality and aesthetics. Aerofoam covers are able to be decoratively stitched, embossed/debossed and quilted without risk of delamination!

Premium Quality Dress Covers

  • Aerofoam Wrinkle-Free Guarantee
  • Designed and Manufactured in Southern California
  • High End CNC Cutting
  • Proprietary Lamination Prcess

Aerofoam Industries are proud to announce that laminated dress covers are manufactured with sustainability and consumer health in mind. Aerofoam’s system mitigates VOC’s from the aircraft seat cover and the solvent-free process is cleaner on the environment. This system furthers Aerofoam’s commitment to sustainability and allows for a healthier cabin environment.