Our tray table construction utilizes our existing 5 axis CNC routing facilities to great effect. The tray table shell is constructed using our advanced thermoforming machinery but not before our high performance foam cores are sculpted by our CNC routers. By manufacturing our tables from a one piece core, we effectively eliminate the risk of foam deformation and collapse. Moulded foam cores run the risk of collapsing over time as the foam settles, leading to inservice faults as internal gaps appear, resulting in table separation and loss of strength.

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Tray Table Assemblies & Shells

  • Multiple Automated Thermoformers
  • In-House Tooling and Design
  • Machining Capabilities for Inserts and Slides
  • Turnkey Tray Table Assemblies
  • 5-Axis CNC Trimming
  • Processes Constantly Innovation